Arcade Cabinet Button Colours

You can also change the button colour on your new arcade cabinet when we build it. There are thousands of different arcade gaming machine options that you could choose from, below is just a small range of what we can offer.


Classic Arcade Buttons

This is the classic range of arcade cabinet buttons that everybody is used to. These are our standard fitment in all of our arcade cabinets and will be paired with a high quality microswitch.

classic arcade button colour options 

LED Light Up Arcade Buttons


This new range of buttons will bring your cabinet right up to date with some modern looks. These buttons operate exactly the same as the classic arcade buttons but these benefit from a small energy effiiant bulb inside the button that will light up once the cabinet is turned on. We have options on the bezel colour and also the button top.

Translucent Bezel

translucent led arcade button colour options


Chrome Bezel


chrome led arcade button colour options


Black Bezel


black led arcade button colour options