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19" Arcade Coffee Table Flatpack Kit

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This arcade coffee table cabinet is made from 18mm MDF and is a 2 player cabinet

This cam and dowel cabinet will allow you to have the kit together in record time.

The screen cut out is cut to a standard of 304mm x 379mm. Please ask if you would like this changing.

What You Will Get

Unless we have an email asking for modifications the standard kit will come as follows

  • Side panel with an 80mm fan hole, spot drilled holes for the fan bolts + 30mm pinball hole on the player 1 side (Front Panel)
  • Side panel with an 80mm fan hole, spot drilled holes for the fan bolts + 30mm pinball hole on the player 1 side + a cut out for a lepy amp (Rear panel)
  • Player 1 front panel will have a cut out for a 100mm speaker and 3 x 30mm button holes for player 1, credit, player 2 buttons
  • Player 2 front panel will just have a cut out for the 100mm speaker
  • 2 control panels with a joystick and 3 x 30mm button holes
  • Base panel has a standard iec cut out and 4 holes for legs
  • Top screen panel – Standard cut out 304mm x 379mm with a centralising cut out for a dell 4:3 monitor, Some trimming may be required depending on the model you purchase
  • Full pack of cam and dowel fixings + screws and strip wood to build the kit

 T Molding Length Required

8.5 Meters - 28 Foot

Overall Size

Length - 925mm

Width - 550mm

Height - 400mm

Height To Top of Control Panel (before 120mm Feet) - 305mm


The kit above will be sent out as standard unless you message us asking for modifications. You will be able to change the following for free.

  • 6 button control panel
  • Remove amp cut out
  • Remove button holes
  • Remove fan/speaker cut outs
  • Add button holes/cut outs
  • Change the screen cut out

Parts To Complete

The Links here will take you to the other parts to complete the cabinet.

5mm PetG Top

6mm Toughened Glass Top

120mm Chrome Feet

Full Electrics Kits



This new updated kit comes with a full fixing kit and instruction sheet. The kit benefits from a cam and dowel fixing kit which will enable you to have it together in record time (without wiring etc you can have it together in 15 minutes)

 Lead Times

Every kit is made to order as we keep very little stock of cabinet parts, for this reason, we advise a lead time of 2-4 weeks before dispatch. This will increase slightly in busy periods (e.g. the run-up to Christmas) Please contact us if you need a kit in a specific time frame as we may be able to do it.