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Classic 60 in 1 Vertical Jamma Game Card

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Supports CGA (standard resolution) and VGA (high resolution) monitors.
Easy installation via jamma loom and VGA connection.
Built in mounting holes for easy cabinet installation.

4 PCB Feet including for mounting
User friendly game selection interface.
Supports upright and cocktail cabinets (screen will automatically flip for second player).
Supports Trackball or Joystick Controls.
High score saver, free play or coin button/Mechanism option.
Enable/disable specific games, each game is fully customizable (difficulty, game speed, number of lives, etc.).
ATX Power connector for use an arcade power supply or ATX PC power supply (with standard 4-pin Molex connector).

Note: This item is a vertical version board, your monitor will not be horizontal like normal

Suitable for one/two players
Display resolution: 800 x 640(vertical orientated monitor)
Voltage: 5V/12V
I/O interface: 1 x JAMMA interface
1 x VGA connector
1 x Audio connector
2 x Trackball connectors
Size: 143 x 110mm