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HDMI Scan line generator

HDMI Scan line generator

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The hdmi scan line generator will help bring back those classic memories of an old crt tv on your new lcd monitor



The Scanline Generator not only adds black lines, but also gives you the option of adjusting the RGB colors with the 3 available potentiometers.


   - On / off switch. Turn scan lines on or off. When the switch is in the "off" position, it functions   as video passthrough and does not display the scan lines.
  -  The intensity of the Scanline can be adjusted via three adjustable resistors on the SLG.
  -  The width of the scan line can be adjusted by converting a switch to a line width or a line width.
  -  The ODD / EVEN switch can set the scan line higher or lower.
  -  No audio passthrough

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