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Vertical Chewlix Arcade Cabinet Black/White

Vertical Chewlix Arcade Cabinet Black/White

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The Chewlix cabinet is a great replica of the Original Taito Vewlix cabinet, with loads of games to choose from and easily upgradable at a later date these are excellent cabinets that are available in a lot of colour configurations.

 *** These cabinets are made to order and have a current lead time of 8 - 12 weeks ***


Satin Black & Gloss White Finish

 Huge 32” monitor mounted Vertically

 Sanwa joystick and buttons

 51 Air games using a jamma set up, easily upgradable later

 UK Spec CE Approved power supply

 Audio Amp

 Comparable coin mechanism – This can be set easily to free play for home use

 Easily moveable on castors, pad feet to be lowered for stability

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