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4 Player Arcade Control Deck

4 Player Arcade Control Deck

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Plexi Top
Trackball Cut Out

This four player arcade control deck is entirely customisable, the photo is just an example of what you can have.


The large base of the control deck has loads of space to fit your components. The inside of the tube is 1094mm wide, 292mm deep and 139mm high.

When ordering, please leave a note on what holes you would like on the back (IEC socket, gland holes etc.) how many buttons for players 1 & 2, and if you would like the player start buttons moving or if any other holes added.


The base of the cabinet is held together with cam and dowel fixings, with the lid being screwed on from the side panels with screws. All fixings to build the cabinet as per the photos are included with the kit


For the is kit you will need 4.9m - 17ft of t molding 

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