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Single Sided Arcade Coffee Table Cabinet Kit

Single Sided Arcade Coffee Table Cabinet Kit

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This arcade machine is made from 18mm MDF and is a 2 player cabinet

The screen cut out is custom cut to the size you want.

This is a custom made to order kit so it is possible to change hole positions or anything else you like


What You Will Get

 The Front panel will have a speaker cut out & control panel cut out

The rear side panel will have a cut out in the top for a hinge, a cooling fan and a lepy amp

2 Side panels with speaker cut outs

1 control panel (flat packed) that will have 2 x joystick hole (joystick recess on other side) and 6 x 30mm button holes per player

Base panel with an IEC socket cut out and 4 x 8mm holes for legs and a 30mm hole for the test button

Top panel - this is a custom cut panel to the screen dimensions you provide


    Most modifications will be free, if it’s a drastic change then there will be a small charge

    Please ask about any modifications as each cabinet is made to order


    As you can see from the pictures I have used plastic fixing blocks, you could also use wooden batons, both can be purchased from your local DIY store.

    These blocks/batons will not be supplied as everybody puts their cabinet together differently, On our kits we have included cut outs for where you can put the blocks if you so wish, These are added to each kit we make.

    There are no instructions with the kit as its very clear how to put it together especially if you are building the full set up. If you need any help along the way please email us.



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